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February 8, 2010

Remember my post from the other day about pacing myself, about being the tortoise, rather than the hare?

Well. Here’s my finance horoscope for today from

You feel like the tortoise when you’d much rather be the hare. Remember that although he may be the more romantic figure of the two, he’s not the one that wins in the end. Stick with your current disciplined, structured approach and you can’t lose.

Weird. Defintiely applies to the rest of my life, not just my finances, which I am being careful about and have a structured plan to get out of debt.

Their other predictions for today are dead on as well (I’m a Capricorn).

General horoscope:

Nothing seems to be going your way right now — but if you persevere, you are sure to see some success. It may be an act of faith, but sometimes you need to go beyond pure reason to move forward.

Love horoscope:

You’re tired of waiting in the wings when it comes to love. Not to worry. Your moment in the sun is about to take place. For right now, unfurl your wings and test their strength. Soon you’ll be ready to fly.

A couple friends and I are going to see a tarot card reader next week. I’ll definitely let you know how that goes! The last time I saw her she was pretty accurate about some things:

  1. She mentioned my ex, S,  by name;
  2. She mentioned the guy I was seeing at the time (R), by name AND that it wouldn’t last;
  3. She predicted my sister would have a girl, and that she would be over due
  4. She said I would meet someone around the holidays whose name began with the letter A.
  5. I’m trying not to think about what else she told me about the letter A guy, because that’s WAY to much pressure to deal with, in terms of dealing with my current letter A guy

I’m not sure how much stock I put into psychic readings. I believe you make your own fate, but I do believe that they can give you a boost of confidence you might not otherwise have in some situations, and maybe they’ll help you recognize certain situations when they come your way. The trick is to not take the reading too seriously, and continue to live your life, not stop and wait for the prediction to come true.

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