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January 31, 2010

I texted A yesterday to see if he wanted to get together. I had no response, but didn’t panic and had other plans already in the works, so it wasn’t a big deal. This morning I woke up to find a text from him saying he’d had to fly to Vancouver yesterday last minute for business. That made me ecstatic!

Why would him being on the other side of the country make me happy? The fact that he thought to text me to tell me, and that’s why he didn’t answer my text. When I saw him on Thursday, I had asked him to give me a heads up if he was going to be MIA, just to keep me from over-analyzing his absence (one of the reasons for my breakdown from last week). I hate being the crazy girl who freaks out when the guy doesn’t call, so if there’s a reason for it, I’m happy. I have no problem if he needs his space, none at all, I just want to be given a heads up. I very much appreciate that he took my words to heart. That means something to me.

I have no idea where things are headed with us, but I’m happy with how things are right now. And hopefully he won’t be gone too long!

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