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January 29, 2010

Sorry for being MIA!! It’s been crazy busy at work, and I’ve been busy in the evenings, with no chance to sit down and write.

Wednesday – date with J – he’s a nice guy. Very talkative. Hopefully just nervous chatter. I didn’t feel a spark, but I’m willing to go out with him again. We only met for an hour, as I was fading fast, but he sent me a text almost right away saying he had a good time.

Thursday – date with A – I think we cleared up some things. Nothing major, just making sure we were both on the same page. I think we’re good, or at least I’m feeling positive about it, so that ‘s what matters. I told him I want to see where this might go, and he (in his quiet way) agreed. I picked him up, he took me to dinner at the Sierra Grill at the Bayview Village Mall, and then we headed to my place to relax. It was so cold out, it was nice just to hang out inside with the fire on.

Tonight I’m heading to the movies with my friend M. For the weekend, who knows! I’ve been so busy, it’ll be nice to relax. If I don’t end up doing anything tomorrow night, I’ll hang out with my sister and my niece. Couldn’t think of anything nicer!

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